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    Hana Ripp, founder and CEO of Eagle Productions International, a full service agency serving the arts and community, is the visionary behind the cultural exchange program with France. 

    Having started her career as an educator in 1966, she inspired and motivated her students to reach their ultimate creative potential through use of her artistic and life experiences. She later began producing cultural events which integrated all artistic disciplines to delight, entertain, and educate all participants of the richness of heritage in southern Arizona.

    Her enthusiasm and passion for the arts and community has enabled her to work with the governments of Mexico (the states of Sinaloa and Sonora) Argentina, Canada, and the U.S.

    Hana has spearheaded shows from southern Arizona to Washington, D.C. and Hermosillo, Mexico as well as having worked with the cultural exchange group from Argentina under President Menlo.

    She has worked with artists in all disciplines; such as Catalina Quinn, Jos Villabrille, Paul Rossi, Zacharias Paez, Flora Edwards, Liana Fernandez-de Castro y Estrugo de Phibbs, Yuroz, Zari Nomdar, Evva Rudnicki, Dr. Brendan Phibbs, Dr. Guy Fontaine, Apollo Dukakis, Olympia Dukakis, and many others.

    Additionally, she has worked with regional theatre, Arizona Theatre Company, The Tucson Jazz Society, various local cultural institutions, and with the touring production from New York of “Les Miserables” (Wasser Associates).

    As a result of these accomplishments, Hana is the recipient of many distinguished awards for her philanthropic work in the community.  

    Her endeavors however, are not limited to the arts. Her community outreach has touched many organizations in which Hana has helped market, fundraise, and raise awareness for their cause. Through her unwavering efforts, her community marketing to improve the social and economic structure of Southern Arizona has been acknowledged and awarded by U.S. Senator Dennis De Concini.

    As executive director of the second portion of the Paris Tucson Exchange, her endeavors in the art world are expanding to a broader international level.  As she works alongside Denise Woirin and Victor Navarro, her mentee, she continues to spread a global message of embracing artistic expression through those she has touched as well as by working with the established and upcoming artists of the community to make this a better world.